Enrollment Information for the 2024-25 School Year

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Enrollment Information for the 2024-25 School Year

Guiding gifted learners in the pikes peak region

Welcome to AcademyACL, where we empower gifted learners to thrive in a highly challenging and highly supportive environment. We provide all day, every day gifted education in the Pikes Peak region, serving students from Pueblo to Divide to Monument. Our dedicated teachers and gifted education-focused curriculum ensure that every student reaches their full potential.

AcademyACL is a public charter school serving Kindergarten through eighth grade students authorized by Colorado Springs School District 11. We are proud to be a member of their portfolio of schools.

Unlocking Potential Through Gifted Education

Welcome to AcademyACL, where we empower gifted learners to thrive in a challenging and supportive environment. Our dedicated teachers and innovative curriculum ensure that every student reaches their full potential.

Students at Academy ACL

Empowering Gifted Learners to Excel and Thrive

At AcademyACL, we are dedicated to providing a supportive environment where gifted students can flourish academically, socially, and emotionally.

We support students as they grow into leaders, advocates, and life-long learners by intentionally giving opportunities to practice those skills.

Our Lifeskills curriculum addresses the social-emotional needs of our students, from executive functioning skills to developing interpersonal relationships to being of service to the community.

Flexible, ability-based, multi-age classes allow students to learn and grow alongside their "idea-mates" while exploring Big Ideas such as Power, Structure, Change, and Relationship.

Kids love learning at Academy ACL
Our students and staff will investigate ideas and master advanced content, reflect upon their own progress, explore connections between disciplines, and lead others in positive ways to new heights in achievement and service to the community.
We will create an academic home for advanced and creative learning, cultivate personal and standards-based excellence and leadership ability, and serve as a resource center for the gifted community of the Pikes Peak Region.
Child-Centered Gifted Education

Our approach to gifted education centers around understanding and nurturing the distinct developmental needs and talents of gifted children. It's not just about academic growth, but also their emotional, social, and ethical development. We believe in recognizing the individuality of each child, providing them with an environment where their unique abilities can flourish.

AcademyACL is a member of the Child-Centered Gifted Consortium, with members world-wide. The Consortium created a document that defines Child-Centered Gifted Education. This document illustrates AcademyACL's approach to the students we serve and our commitment to educating the whole child.
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AcademyACL Board Resolution 2023-06

The AcademyACL Governing Board adopted the Child-Centered Gifted Education philosophy as a guiding framework for our approach to gifted education.
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Graduates of Academy ACL

A Unique School Model

At AcademyACL, we provide a supportive and challenging environment that allows our students to thrive. Our innovative curriculum, dedicated teachers, and involved community create an educational experience like no other.


Multi-age classrooms, where students are grouped with their "idea-mates" experiencing advanced content.


A learning community focused on growth and progress over time using the Integrated Curriculum Model.


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Student Experience

We provide multi-age classroom experiences and flexible, ability based groupings to give students the opportunity to grow at their own pace.

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Supportive Community

Connect with other families and participate in engaging family-focused events and activities.

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We are a free, open-enrollment public charter school and part of the Colorado Springs School District 11 portfolio of schools.

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Resources for Parents of Gifted Children

Discover a range of resources to support your child's education and development.

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Parent Testimonials

Hear what our parents have to say about their child's experience at AcademyACL.

The school has helped my student have unique experiences, like participating in Engineering and Robotics, Film Making, and Theatre, and offers advanced class placement in Language and Math.

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AcademyACL helped my children develop their strengths & advocate for their needs.

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This school does an excellent job of honing in on full-person growth instead of isolating academic growth. Teachers really care about teaching kids how to be thoughtful, well-rounded individuals...

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An Advocate for School Choice

Colorado law provides families the opportunity for school choice and AcademyACL is proud to bea public school of choice within the Colorado Springs School District 11 portfolio of schools. We understand that finding the "just-right" educational fit for your child is important and that innovation in teaching methods, curricula, and educational approaches are only some of the criteria families consider when choosing an academic home.

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Integrated Curriculum Model: Big Ideas, Advanced Content, Differentiated Instruction

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Multi-Age Classrooms: A ‘continuum’ of increasing expectations for students is used over the course of two years in each Division

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Teachers who specialize in the needs of advanced, gifted learners

Design Thinking Structure at Academy ACL

Highly supportive and Highly challenging

At AcademyACL, we provide a supportive and challenging environment where gifted learners can thrive. Join our community today and discover the difference we can make for your child.

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Equal Opportunities
AcademyACL is committed to prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability, need for special education services (whether actual or perceived), race, creed, color, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, transgender status, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, religion, ancestry, age, genetic information, or protected activity, in admissions, access to, treatment, or employment in the educational programs or activities which it operates (District Policy JBB). Discrimination and/or harassment based on the aforementioned areas will not be tolerated and must be brought to the immediate attention of the Academy Director.