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At AcademyACL, we provide a highly supportive and highly challenging educational environment where gifted learners can thrive. With a focus on personalized learning, innovative teaching methods, and a supportive community, we are dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential.

We invite prospective families to join us for a tour, with the opportunity to meet current students and observe classes in action.

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Our curriculum is tailored to meet the unique needs and interests of gifted learners, ensuring they are engaged and challenged in every subject. and learning alongside their "idea-mates" in multi-age classrooms.

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Highly Challenging, Highly Supportive

At AcademyACL, we foster a sense of belonging and provide a supportive network of teachers, parents, and peers who understand and appreciate the abilities of gifted learners.

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Enrichment Opportunities

We offer a wide range of enrichment activities, including clubs, competitions, and field trips, to further enhance the educational experience of our students.

Our open enrollment begins in November, with requests for enrollment due the first Wednesday in March by 4 p.m. We invite families to tour with us to observe classes, speak to current students, and offer shadow days so that prospective students can experience a day in our program.

Enrollment Process

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Learn About AcademyACL

Parents learn about our program and consider their individual child/ren’s educational needs. Check out the Colorado Department of Education's definition of "gifted". The National Association for Gifted Children has resources for "Is My Child Gifted?" Visit our Colorado Springs School District 11 to learn more about local identification procedures.

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Take a Tour

Please email office@academyacl.org or call 719-434-6566 to be added to a tour.

Tours are available on select days by appointment. Young children may be impatient by the end of the tour, so we leave their attendance to your discretion.

Summer tours depend on office hours and facility projects.

Please also tour the photo albums on our Facebook pages: AcademyACLConnect, Forest Green at Pike Park, AcademyACLRobotics, and GeekThinkFilms.

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Submit a Request for Enrollment

Open enrollment for the upcoming school year runs November 1 through the first Wednesday in March. At the closing deadline, all students with an enrollment request are entered into a lottery system. Enrollment paperwork must be for the current open enrollment period. After the lottery's waiting lists are created, additional students may be added to the bottom of any such lists at any time. Lists are recycled again through a new lottery for those families on a waiting list for the current year who also want to be considered for the new year; waiting lists do not remain from year to year to year.

This link will open the Request for Enrollment form in a new tab and may take a few moments to load.

Online enrollment form

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Our lottery is held the evening of the second Wednesday in March. Families are assigned a lottery number and seats are filled according to our Lottery Policy. Families are encouraged to attend in person, however all families receive notification of their result of the lottery within a few days. When a seat has been offered, we request records from the previous school and review those records. When that step has been completed, a formal confirmation of enrollment is sent.

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Discover Our School Community

Learn more about our innovative curriculum and nurturing environment for gifted learners.

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Q & A

Find answers to common questions and concerns about the enrollment process at AcademyACL.

Can I visit the school?

Yes, AcademyACL welcomes prospective families to visit the school. We offer scheduled tours and open house events throughout the year. Please check our Events page for upcoming dates for events and email office@academyacl.org to schedule a tour.

Can my child shadow for a day?

AcademyACL offers the opportunity for prospective students to shadow to experience what a day in our program is like. Once your request for enrollment has been submitted, you can request a shadow day for your student by contacting enrollment@academyacl.org.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, AcademyACL may have a waiting list for certain grade levels after Lottery. If a grade level is full, students will be placed on a waiting list. Families will be notified if a seat becomes available.

Do you have admission requirements?

AcademyACL is a free, public, open-enrollment charter school serving Kindergarten through 8th grade. We do not require formal testing or formal gifted identification to request enrollment; however, as a part of the registration process, we will request previous school records. When submitting an enrollment request, you are welcome to provide data to support Tier III designation, such as Advanced Learning Plans, documentation of formal gifted identification, or testing data showing scores at the 95th percentile or higher.

How do I request enrollment?

To request enrollment to AcademyACL, please complete the online form and submit all required documents. Our admissions team will review your application and contact you with further instructions.

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Supporting Unique Minds

Through Quality Education

At AcademyACL, we are dedicated to supporting the needs of unique minds. Through our gifted educational focus and dedicated teachers, we create an environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.