Academy for Advanced & Creative Learning

Enrollment at Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning (AcademyACL)

At AcademyACL, we have an open enrollment, open welcome policy. We have no entrance requirements, but the entire school design is built around the needs of gifted, advanced, and creative learners. As you review the type of program we offer to determine if it’s a good fit for the needs of your child(ren), we are always happy to provide you with additional information and answer questions.

Notes on enrollment:

  • Complete the short 'request for information' form below for each student you seek to enroll. This form indicates your interest in AcademyACL and immediately enters your name into our email database to receive school information and updates. A link to the formal enrollment packet will be sent to the email address provided. You can also download the enrollment form from the confirmation page after you submit this form.
  • The enrollment packet will let you type into it, but you will have to print it, sign it and send it by U.S. mail or hand-deliver it to the school. Enrollment forms may not be sent by fax or email, and any forms received via fax or email will not be processed.
  • Enrollment for our 2012-2013 school year continues on a quarterly basis when seats are available. Returning the enrollment packet will allow us to enter your student onto a waiting list, and we will notify you if there is an opening.
  • Open enrollment for our 2013-2014 lottery runs November through February 21th at 4:00PM. On February 26th at 6:30PM a lottery will be conducted for available seats for new students. This gives all interested families during that time an equal chance of enrollment. After the lottery date, openings are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • We must receive a hard copy of a complete and signed original enrollment packet for each new student to be enrolled, including siblings. Returning students do not need to have new enrollment packets filled out.
The enrollment packet includes a series of checklists that will provide information for teachers to use as they begin to develop personal learning plans for your student. The checklists are meant to be general observations; if you have not noticed something or are unsure, feel free to leave it blank or make your best guess.

Until we have received the hard copy of your enrollment packet, your child will remain in our database as 'interested' but not will receive a spot on our waiting list, be entered into the lottery, or offered an available opening.

If you are notified by phone or email that there is an opening, you will be asked to confirm your acceptance by returning a confirmation form, and additional forms such as carpool information, permission to obtain records from a previous school, directory information, et cetera, as needed.

For any questions on the enrollment process, you are always welcome to email or call us at 719-434-6566.

Please submit a separate Request for Information form (below) for each child you wish to enroll.

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As the parent or guardian of a school-aged child in the Pikes Peak region, I understand that by submitting this form I am meaningfully interested in (but not obligated to) having my child attend Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning. I understand that submitting this information does not enroll my child in AcademyACL, but is a request to receive an enrollment form via email.